Frequently asked questions

Do you accept health insurances?

We accept various health insurance plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Please check the individual web page for each doctor to see which insurances are being accepted, as this may differ among providers. Also, some insurance companies have Out-of-Network coverage; this means that the doctor may not be on panel with your insurance company, but your insurance may cover a portion of your appointment fee. We are not Medicaid providers.  Please check with your own insurance company to better assist you in determining your mental health coverage benefits or contact our office staff for additional information. 


Do you prescribe medication?

No. If necessary, the doctors will work with your primary care physician or make referrals to a psychiatrist who can meet with you and determine if medication may be helpful in alleviating your symptoms.


Where do I find the registration forms?

Each provider has their own registration forms on their web page. Please click on the doctor’s name tab to go to their page.  Please print off and complete all required forms and bring to your initial appointment.